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Our 2025 vision is for a consumer-empowered future. Power Responsive is shifting the balance of power by facilitating an 'eco-system' that delivers innovative, cost-effective, low-carbon energy solutions that put consumers in control.
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Our world is changing

The move to a low carbon economy coupled with rapid advances in technology and innovation are transforming electricity supply. But supply is only half the story. The challenge now is to exploit new opportunities by changing the way we use electricity.

National Grid sits at the heart of the UK’s energy system. We know the way energy is managed is changing. And we see the value demand side solutions will bring. We want to play our part and help facilitate the rapid growth of demand side solutions.

Demand side response

Demand side response is intelligent energy usage. By knowing when to increase, decrease or shift their electricity consumption, businesses and consumers will save on total energy costs and can reduce their carbon footprints.

Although in its infancy, demand side response is a reality. Together we can shape and share the possibilities created by demand side solutions.

Power Responsive is a framework for turning debate into action. It is a practical platform to galvanise businesses, suppliers, policy makers and others to seize the opportunity to shape the growth of demand side response collaboratively, and deliver it in practice at scale by 2020.

The goal of Power Responsive is for businesses and consumers to be efficient energy users, save on total energy costs and secure our energy now and in the future. Ultimately, this will create sustainability for us all.

The real strength of Power Responsive is in the collective. The more businesses that get involved the bigger the impact, and the greater the chain reaction in bringing demand side response to scale. Everybody can play a role. And everybody can benefit.

Power Responsive is a practical platform and a focal point for organisations to LEAD by example, LEARN from example and SHARE examples:

LEAD by example means leading. Implementing new ways of working and policies that benefit businesses and consumers and create new patterns of electricity demand.

LEARN from example is building. Being ready. Creating the environment and conditions to maximise the opportunities by implementing Power Responsive measures.

SHARE examples is supporting. Providing the blueprints for other organisations to become Power Responsive.

Power Responsive

Power Responsive is a stakeholder-led collaborative programme of work that aims to grow participation of demand side response in UK by 2020. See below for the latest updates.

Campaign Plan

Power Responsive Steering Group

The Power Responsive Steering Group is a representative senior group of stakeholders from the energy industry and large demand customers. Meeting quarterly, this group will steer the direction of the campaign, with all stakeholders given the chance to input. The outputs from each meeting are published below:

July 2016

Meeting Summary Demand Side Flexibility: Market Evolution Snapshot

April 2016

Meeting Summary Business Customer: Demand Side Response Snapshot

January 2016

Meeting Summary Demand Side Response Market Summary

October 2015

Terms of Reference Kick-Off Meeting Summary Kick-Off Meeting Handout

Demand Side Opportunities

National Grid and the Major Energy Users' Council (MEUC) have just published a comprehensive guide on Demand Side Response (DSR). The guide aims to provide MEUC members and large demand users with all the information they need in order to profit from opportunities in DSR. Download the guide by following the link below.

DSR Guide

We have also published a two page summary of the demand side opportunities for large energy users by category and procurer. This Product Map can be downloaded by following the link below.

Product Map

National Grid Balancing Services

As the National Electricity System Operator, National Grid procures Balancing Services as tools to carry out this role in an economic and efficient way. Balancing Services offer opportunities to get involved in demand side response and earn revenue for your business. The statement below outlines how to get involved and a view from National Grid on future balancing services in the next 5 to 10 years.

Balancing Services Statement

See below for opportunities to get involved in the development of new Balancing Services with National Grid...

Demand Turn Up (DTU)

Demand Turn Up is a new service from National Grid, which will pay businesses to increase demand when there’s too much energy in the system, for example on a sunny summer's day. Full details on this service, are contained on the Demand Turn Up pages on the National Grid website - follow the link below.

Demand Turn Up link

Enhanced Frequency Response

National Grid is looking to procure a volume of enhanced frequency response through a tendering exercise. For more information on this opportunity follow the link below.

Enhanced Frequency Response link

You can sign up for updates and information about future events using the form below.

Power Responsive Conference Summary - 2016

Following the success of the Power Responsive Conference we are pleased to provide a summary of the day and speaker slides.

Download Event Summary Speaker Slide Pack

Launch Event 2015 - Summary Material

See below for material from the 18th June 2015 Power Responsive launch event…

Read Steve Holliday’s introduction to Power Responsive:

Steve Holliday’s introduction
You can download summary material from the event here:
Download Event Summary Roundtable Discussion Summary
The full speaker presentation pack is also available to download.
See the Speaker Presentations Summer Webinars Summary Document


The real strength of Power Responsive is in the collective. Here, businesses and organisations involved in realising the potential of demand side solutions tell their stories and share their views.
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The more businesses that get involved in Power Responsive the greater the impact. And the better the chances of bringing demand side response to scale by 2020.

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